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Entry #107

Check out Sukiik's Newest Art Submission!

9/30/13 by amyrenee

Go check it out! I think it's a gooder.


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2 weeks ago

Damn! Forgot this was you! Wow you had a lot of fans before you migrated over to the... adult oriented account. Is there no hope for Amyrenee, and her quest for SFW pieces?



Ah... revelations, now that I look around you even link to the alternative account! :O I suppose that one's for your more hardcore creations?

10/4/13 amyrenee responds:

Yes indeed it is. :D



Two news posts by two different people in a row for the same submission! :L

Must be great.

10/3/13 amyrenee responds:

Lol amyrenee and sukiik are the same person!