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Account No Longer In Use

2015-05-28 05:12:38 by amyrenee

This Account Is No Longer In Use

Any Suggestions?

2013-02-28 19:03:43 by amyrenee


I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for pictures they wanted me to do? I'm looking for ideas. I have two pictures that I'm working on right now. But I am definitely open for suggestion for more. :D

Let me know!

Amy Renee :D

Art and Such

2013-02-18 02:07:19 by amyrenee

Hello Everyone!!!

So I have been trying to keep up with submitting new artwork. I still haven't quite settled on what I want to be up to right now. So I am just submitting whatever comes to mind at the moment. I am hoping to start on a comic or something. Once I come up with a good idea. :D

I hope that I will be opening up commissions fairly soon. So let me know if you're interested!!!

Here is my current doodle for a comic idea. Let me know what you guys think!

Art and Such

New Game Submission!

2013-02-08 01:58:58 by amyrenee

Hello Everyone!

I have just submitted my very first flash game ever. It's very basic and I made it for an assignment in school. PLEASE GO VOTE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

I hope everyone likes it. Again... it's very basic. But I hope everyone likes it! You can expect more games from me soon!

Thank you!!!

Amy Renee :D

New Art Submission - Felicia

2013-01-31 00:51:45 by amyrenee

Hey Everyone!

There is a new art submission of mine posted... A lot of you will recognize her...

It's.... FELICIA!
From Capcom.

Check it out!!!!
I hope everyone likes it. Please vote, comment, and enjoy!

Amy Renee

Current Goal!

2013-01-13 04:48:55 by amyrenee

I am hoping to make it up to 600 fans within the next little while. I will try my best and do some new submissions for the art portal, and maybe a few audio submissions.

Check out my stuff and let me know what you think!

Thanks everyone!

Amy Renee

Hello Everyone!

I have recently submitted a picture of Tali from Mass Effect 3. I have yet to play the game but I have heard a lot of good things about it. I know a lot of people are fond of this character so I hope everyone enjoys my picture!

For some reason the ratings are not available in the art portal right now (E, T, M, and A) but hopefully that'll be fixed soon. I hope everyone likes my artwork though!!!

Hope everyone has a happy new year!

- Amy Renee :D

Hello Everyone!

I know I haven't been uploading anything for a while but I have finally found a bit of time to work on stuff. I made a request of a character from the online game League of Legends. I decided to put the colored version as well as the Line Art.

Feel free to use the lineart and color it yourself! If you submit it, please don't submit it to the art portal but you can have it on your page as long as you give credit to me! Thanks!

Hope everyone likes the new stuff!!!!

Amy Renee


2012-07-24 19:10:03 by amyrenee

Sorry I haven't really posted anything for quite some time. I've been super busy plus every time that I have gone to draw it's been really bleh. Sooooo yeah I will hopefully draw something within the next little bit but I don't know. :{

Gotta Keep Workin' Harder!

2012-03-05 06:39:31 by amyrenee

I've still got so much improvement to do on my artwork. :D I think I will start doing some of my own stuff for the next little bit. :D


Check out some of my art though! :D