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amyrenee's News

Posted by amyrenee - April 19th, 2011

Hey Everybody!!!

So I need some advice for my artwork. I am just wondering what people like best from the work that I've done and what people would like to see more of. :D I need to improve!!!

(no requests though, just suggestions please)

Posted by amyrenee - April 6th, 2011

Hey everybody!!!

Just to let you know that I won't be taking any more requests for the next little while. So please no more for a bit!!!

I will love to take them later on when I have more time but I need to work on some of my own stuffs!!!

Thank you!!!

- Amy Renee

Posted by amyrenee - March 29th, 2011


So right now I'm in between a cold and school work. And playing the sims medieval, it's not bad. :D

But anywhom, I need to get 2 pic requests done so I am kinda busy with that at the moment but when I am done I will either come up with my own stuff or do some requests. I dunno. I got ideas kickin' around in my head for some new pictures but I am just not sure where to begin. I'm still desperately trying to get frontpaged lol so I think I need to try a little harder to do that.

Any whom, check out my pics and leave reviews and such please if ya want! If you have a picture request that you are thinking is completely awesome and would like to have me do it for you I will see what I can do. :D

Thanks Everyone!

- Amy

Posted by amyrenee - March 16th, 2011

Hey Everybody!

So sorry that pictures and picture requests have been running a little slow. I haven't had any time to draw at all but I am going to try and get some pictures up tonight. Bahh!

So tomorrow I be getting my wisdom teeth out. So I may be full of less wisdom when I return. Haha just joking, I got lots o wisdom. And I don't store it in my teeth. So anyway I don't know if the time off recovering will allow me to draw more or if I will pass out on my computer but we'll see!

Wish me luck!!!


Posted by amyrenee - February 19th, 2011

Go lookie!

Posted by amyrenee - February 14th, 2011

Hey I'm drawing a blank right now. I want to draw an anime girl. Someone give me a description of an anime girl (make up anything you like) and I shall draw it for ya. :D

Posted by amyrenee - January 22nd, 2011

Hey Newgrounds,

So just recently I have deleted a lot of the my old artwork that I thought was just yucky so I can replace it with new artwork. It's interesting to see how far I have come compared to my old stuff but at the same time I want to feature whats new and such. So yeah, I'm sorry if anyone is sad about the old stuff being gone but there will be really nice brand new stuff on the way and in the making. :D

Stay tuned! Haha.. Nah you can go back to what you were doing, you don't have to stay tuned. :D

- Amy

Posted by amyrenee - January 22nd, 2011

It's my new Original Character. LYCANTRU IS REVEALED :D

Go check it out please. :D

Posted by amyrenee - January 16th, 2011

Lookie!! Don't comment here though, comment on the picture!

Posted by amyrenee - January 11th, 2011

Go Look!!!