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2013-02-18 02:07:19 by amyrenee

Hello Everyone!!!

So I have been trying to keep up with submitting new artwork. I still haven't quite settled on what I want to be up to right now. So I am just submitting whatever comes to mind at the moment. I am hoping to start on a comic or something. Once I come up with a good idea. :D

I hope that I will be opening up commissions fairly soon. So let me know if you're interested!!!

Here is my current doodle for a comic idea. Let me know what you guys think!

Art and Such


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2013-02-18 19:26:25

Sketch looks great, has nice symmetry....
Just wondering if there's any culture left in the US - everything seems to be derived from Japan and their creative muscle. A lot of pivotal things happened after the Civil war, and not all of them were good. Maybe that's how steampunk arose, idk, just throwing creative crumbs your way :3

(Updated ) amyrenee responds:

Hm... an interesting thought. Personally, I'm not a fan of SteamPunk. But I do think there should be more north american culture in artwork and whatnot. :D